Starting a small business?

WowNowWhat is full of startup advice, entrepreneurship mentors, and the latest small business and marketing news to help you start your business the smart way.

If you’ve been struggling to make money in your startup…

“Here’s The FASTEST, EASIEST And Laser Focused Way To CashFlow – In 7 Steps to RESULTS

WowNowWhat is on a mission to help 100,000 self-employed startups (micro business, entrepreneurs, small business owners) make money doing what they love. When more small businesses grow it is great for the business owners, for the people they employ and for the economy as a whole.

In our effort to increase the success rate of start-ups, we identify, create, and present the best ACTION PLAN and CONTENT that is available and has proven to stand the test of time.  

WowNowWhat.com offers a wealth of information and resources by helping business start-ups: 

1 clarify their business purpose;
2 sharpen their business model;
3 enhance their business plan;
4 accelerate their market launch;
5 create a fund-able business; and
6 provide access to like-minded partners and mentors.


Why “WowNowWhat?” (Our Pitch)

#1 Business Coaching service helping the average Jack and Jill start a business…and Profit!

We are a successful business coaching and marketing service helping self-employed start-ups (micro-enterprise, service business, self-contractor) who are frustrated with the lack of results they experience to implement actionable plans, to target and minimize useful content, and to provide access to experienced mentors.

Through our virtual group and peer to peer programs, clients experience a sense of community and see WOW RESULTS in their SKILLS and PROFITS after taking action.

We also work as thought leaders within our community to bridge the gap between start-ups (entrepreneurs) and corporations to achieve economic advancements utilizing technology.


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